HDwireless has designed a new side panel solution for the Sony Broadcast Camera Series HSC-300R. The HD low latency transmission utilizes world class VISLINK hardware. Video & telemetry control is housed in just one unit, independent from the software version of the camera unit.
Using a self-designed data association board we are able to operate and fine tune all camera parameters and functions via the original manufacturer RCP 750/1500. Up to four cameras can be controlled via only one RF connection depending on the basic camera telemetry.
The RF video reception is handled via the VISLINK L2174 receiver. It can operate in 2 or 4 antenna input mode. Multi-site networks can be built by connecting L2174 receivers via ASI-packet diversity. All antennas for video and data transmission work via BNC-HD Cable up to 300 m.
- Camera HSC-300R Sony with SidePanel Solution
- HD Electronic ViewFinder HDVF-20A / HDVF C35W
- Downconverter L3025-3239E with Antenna & Mounting (4x)
- Tripod Manfrotto with Mounting Bracket & Bag
- Rechargeable Battery Pack 14.8V BV190HD (3x)
- CVS4X Lithium-Ion Battery Charger
- Microphone Adapter CAC-12 Sony
- Microphone Sennheiser
- 12 V Netzteil - 4 Pol XLR OUT
- Telemetry Unit-TODU with antenna (2x)
- VISLINK L2174 receiver
- Telemetry Indoor Unit-TIDU
- Remote Camera PGM-Video
- Remote PGM-Data
- Tally Break Out cable
- Twin BNC HD cable - 100m (2x)
Lenses Option
- Microphone Adapter CAC-12 Sony
- Fujinon HA 18x7.6
- Fujinon HA 16x6.3
- Fujinon HA 14x4.5
- Fujinon HA 13x4.5